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About Seri

Seri Lynn, writer and artist is a hopeless lover of all things even remotely related to fantasy, especially if magick is involved. As an illustrator who was unsatisfied with simply drawing characters, Seri became a writer to giver her characters a voice so they could tell their own stories. 


Born and bred in the deep south (US), Seri Lynn is an eclectic soul that lives on a hobby farm with husband Eric and daughter Cheyennea. If she's not writing or drawing or tending the hobby farm, you can find her pursuing her many hobbies included playing video games, reading, watching anime or going to various Cons and Renaissance Festivals.












The Fatelesss - Book 1 : Errata

When Faerie-raised human Tatyana's curiosity leads her to risking exposing the human world to the world of the Fae, the Notherworld's existence, she does the one thing she was warned not to do. Accidentally exposing Aidan, a human boy to her plight, they must now set off to undo it.


With help from Rowen, another human boy familiar with the Fae world and his mentor Tybor, a well-seasoned Elf soldier with secrets of his own, the four adventurers set off on a journey that will not only change their lives forever, but possibly the Fate of all. 


The fateless Series - book 1 - Errata

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